Typecast | Becoming more than my career

When I was in high school and first considering potential careers, my mother advised, “learn to type, and you will always have a job.” She wasn’t wrong. In 1990, I was 28, a college drop-out with a patchwork job history that included receptionist at an alcohol and drug abuse treatment center, Avon lady, newspaper copyContinue reading “Typecast | Becoming more than my career”

Five things I didn’t expect from my life coach

When you’re in the Bahamas for Christmas, far away from home’s single-digit temperatures, and you’re miserable, it’s probably time to reflect. I brought all my work-related anxiety with me on that holiday and couldn’t find the right mix of tropical rum drinks and dunks in the cyan sea to wash it away. That’s where myContinue reading “Five things I didn’t expect from my life coach”

Choosing a Career Path | When you come to a fork in the road, take it.

I’m on the hunt for that next career that ticks all the boxes for personal and professional fulfillment, and I’m sure I’m not alone. According to a 2017 Gallup Poll, only 30% of American workers love the jobs they have; the rest are either somewhat disengaged or downright miserable. My guess is that this groupContinue reading “Choosing a Career Path | When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”

My reinspirement | a midlife discovery mission

re-in-spire-ment | Where inspiration meets reinvention. A purposeful retirement from one’s professional career in order to pursue self-discovery and explore all the beautiful possibilities life has to offer. Usually undertaken by women in midlife. This blog is my story of how I got here, to this point of midlife inspiration and desire to reinvent myContinue reading “My reinspirement | a midlife discovery mission”

Redefining retirement | what it means to protire

You won’t find the word protirement in Webster’s dictionary, but I’m predicting it will be there before too long.  A neologism meant to convey one’s leaving a steady career in the pursuit of something more fulfilling, protirement usually comes with a substantial amount of anxiety and abundant freedom and possibility. Four months ago, I announcedContinue reading “Redefining retirement | what it means to protire”