Creative Nonfiction Student Commencement Speech

As a graduate of Stonecoast Class of Winter 2022, I gave the Creative Nonfiction Commencement Address. My topic was the only thing that is constant for a writer — revision. We know how to write. At Stonecoast we learned to revise. We re-examined—our poetry and prose, our expectations, and perhaps—or especially—ourselves.

Two Years Without Purpose

Two years ago, on the morning before a new year and a new chapter, I sat in front of the woodstove without plan or purpose. I watched the light come up over the White Mountains, painting the sky with strokes of lavender, orange, and pink, before muddling the canvas grey. A snowstorm was on theContinue reading “Two Years Without Purpose”

Snap Out of It: Regaining control amid coronavirus

Coronavirus is impacting all of us in ways big and small. Thank you to the first responders, scientists, health care professionals, and essential workers. No thank you, “helpful” celebrities. My minor inconvenience is that I’m having difficulty writing about what I’ve wanted to write about.