My reinspirement | a midlife discovery mission

re-in-spire-ment | Where inspiration meets reinvention. A purposeful retirement from one’s professional career in order to pursue self-discovery and explore all the beautiful possibilities life has to offer. Usually undertaken by women in midlife. This blog is my story of how I got here, to this point of midlife inspiration and desire to reinvent myContinue reading “My reinspirement | a midlife discovery mission”

Redefining retirement | what it means to protire

You won’t find the word protirement in Webster’s dictionary, but I’m predicting it will be there before too long.  A neologism meant to convey one’s leaving a steady career in the pursuit of something more fulfilling, protirement usually comes with a substantial amount of anxiety and abundant freedom and possibility. Four months ago, I announcedContinue reading “Redefining retirement | what it means to protire”